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I have previously discussed maintaining a love of open-ended toys in older children as it can be harder to find exciting and engaging toys for them, however, I've found that younger children can be quite easy!

We, as parents of younger children, have the added benefit of choosing toys or resources based on what we like or what we think they will like based on their blossoming interests at the time.

My second youngest was almost 22 months at Christmas time last year, which was such a fun age! By that stage, children start to get the idea of gifts and can happily open them themselves which added to the excitement of our festive season.

Here are some of my gift recommendations for children under 2, based on what my children have received and loved!

Brio Trains-
My boys have always enjoyed their wooden trains. At this age, the battery-operated trains by Brio, are the MOST exciting, as they move and make noises. My littlest guy can’t get enough! We also love to spend time building train tracks to let the train drive around while he watches in excitement

Musical Instruments-
My youngest son has a massive love of percussion and music. For his first Christmas he received a xylophone, similar to the Brio Xylophone and it continues to be well loved. For his second Christmas, we decided to add to his collection and support his love of music making by opting for the Brio Drum. It is made of FSC timber and super study & durable to survive toddler life.

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Fat Brain Toys-
As a mum, homeschooler, and lover of open-ended and educational toys, Fat Brain is a winner in our house. We have previously given Squigz 2.0, Suction Kupz, and Dimpl Digits to our son and he has loved all of them. Another great one on our list this year is the InnyBin. It’s recommended for ages 10 months+ and a great option for children under 2. The InnyBin is an innovative shape-sorting box that can be used in many different ways. Use the six shapes included with the InnyBin to push through the elastic bands of the cube, or find some material or play silk and thread them into the cube or along the elastic - the possibilities are endless!

Two Little Ducklings-
These cards can be great for many ages. I highly recommend the High Contrast or Animal Sounds Flash Card sets for baby’s first Birthday or Christmas! The High Contrast Flash Cards were specifically designed for babies 0-6 months, to aid in their cognitive development and to strengthen eyesight. The Animal Sounds Flash cards are aimed at a slightly older toddler and can create a fun and engaging environment. We love making the animal sounds and having our son pick out which animal makes that sound, or for him to make the sounds himself. 

Play Silkies-
2021 was the second year in a row that my son received Play Silkies for Christmas. We love how versatile Play Silkies are and the variety of colours available. They are also perfect to use for wrapping gifts!

Photo by @Love_from_arthur

Every birthday and Christmas we add to our Holztiger collection. All of my boys love our collection of special animals and youngest son is no different. Since he was 10 months old, he has gravitated towards the big, easy to grab figures and their bright colours.

Tikiri Toys-
A fabulous gift for babies from newborn and up! They make great toys, teethers and   even bath toys. They are fully sealed, so water (and mould) cannot get in. These toys also come in a wide range of cute animals. Definitely one of our favourites!


Tara Treasures-
Finally, Tara Treasures finger puppets are another favourite in our household and our youngest will get them out as often as possible! His favourite set are the ones with a story, or that he can sing to, like the Gingerbread Man set. We can tell the story together, role play and work on his communication. They are so lovely too, made from New Zealand felt and hand-crafted in Nepal. Definitely a must-have!


There are so many beautiful and exciting options for little ones these days! So many small brands are constantly releasing new things. It can definitely be overwhelming and hard to choose! Hopefully, this list of some of our favourites can help you through the birthdays, holidays and gift-giving opportunities this year!


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Cheyenne @growing.up.ginger

"Hi! I’m Cheyenne, I’m a homeschooling mama of 4 sweet boys (ages 18months to 8 years) and a baby girl born this year. I’m originally from the US, but moved to Sydney in 2013 and now live in rural Victoria near where my husband grew up. As a family, we spend most of our time homeschooling and learning through play. When we aren’t doing those things, we are reading, cooking, sewing, and adventuring. I’m also a lover and connoisseur of coffee, wine and delicious food.  I love exploring the benefits of play, and encouraging children to get creative and use their imaginations and I hope I can share that with you all!"

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