Play Silkies - What is the hype?

By BETH @love_from_arthur

Play Silkies are an amazing open ended toy that can be used for children and babies of all ages. They currently come in 9 gorgeous colours and are so soft and vibrant. Now you might be thinking how could my child possibly play with a piece or fabric? Well honestly the more simple the toy the more ways there are to play! The only limit is your child's imagination! Today I'm going to share with you 6 ways to play with your play silkies that can be used from babies up until childhood.

The first one is great for little babies. All you need is a Play Silkie and a baby gym or a Pikler, which I used. I just tied our Play Silkies to the rungs so they would hang down. For younger babies lay them on their back underneath the silks and watch their little hands reach up and explore the textures and colours! This is great for babies fine motor development as well as hand eye coordination. You can even slowly move the Play Silkies over your babies, so they can explore their sense of touch on different parts of their body. If you have an older baby that is starting to be on the move place them on their tummy and they can move and crawl through the Play Silkies. Arthur loved peeking through the silkies like they were a curtain as well as rolling around and looking up at them.

Another way is good old peek a boo. Of course you can do peek a boo with your hands over your eyes, but doesn't it just sound so much better when you add a colourful, vibrant and soft Play Silkie into the mix. Arthur loves it when I put it over my face and he is able to pull it off and I saw boo. Or maybe your little one wants to put it over their face. You could even hide their favourite doll or stuffed animal underneath and play peek a boo like that.

Now for this next activity you will need an O ball. These can be purchased pretty cheap from Kmart or Big W. As the O balls have holes in them I was able to stuff the Play Silkie inside the ball. I left little bits of the Play Silkie hanging out as tags for Arthur to pull. He had so much fun yanking and pulling the play silkie until it all came out of the ball. This is a great activity for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. I would recommend this activity for around about 7 month plus.

Did you know Play Silkies can go in water? And you don't need to worry about them getting wet or the colour running! (just make sure you dry them fully after.) So for another way to explore your Play Silkie add it to your child's bath, or fill a tub with water and pop the Play Silkie in. We did this one on a hot day in the back yard. Just a tub of water and our rainbow Play Silkie and Arthur was entertained for 20 minutes at least! He had so much fun exploring the different texture of the wet Play Silkie as well as watching it move within the water.

Threading is another great way to use your Play Silkie. This activity is more for a toddler rather then a baby but still lots of fun. For threading you could use any kind of wooden rings or even the plastic links that you can get cheap from Kmart or Big W. Start by tying whatever ring or link you are use to one end of the Play Silkie so all the items you thread don't fall off. Then begin helping your child thread onto the Play Silkie. Again this is great for fine motor and hand eye coordination as well as it is bigger then using standard bead and string so better for those little ones just learning.

And last but not least use your Play Silkie for dress up! It could be anything! A scarf, necklace, Cape, fairy or butterfly wings. You can tie it up to make a dress or a shawl or even use it as a baby carrier on your little one for their dolls. With so many different colours to choose from, the dress up possibilities are amazing! We are yet to use ours for dress up as Arthur is a little young yet but this is a perfect activity for your toddler or child as they engage in make believe play.

There are so many ways to play with a Play Silkie. They are such a valuable toy in our house already and definitely with grow with Arthur as he changes and develops different interests and skills. I would definitely recommend everyone grab a Play Silkie for their little one no matter if they are a baby, toddler or child!

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BETH @love_from_arthur

Beth @love_from_arthur

Beth is 21 years old and is mum to 10 month old baby Arthur. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and has a passion for open-ended toys that promote healthy, age appropriate development in little ones. Beth loves creating play experiences, especially sensory experiences, as well as stepping back and allowing Arthur to discover toys and resources in any way he desires. Beth hopes to inspire and educate you on open-ended toys and baby development through these blog posts.

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