Trick or Treat, Toil & Bubble…Potion Making!

By Mel @melswrapart
Hocus Pocus now let’s focus on some magic potion play. Think fizzy & bubbly fun (no Mama, not champagne) you’ll need some special ingredients for this one, some you’ll have hanging around in your pantry cupboard others you may wish to source yourself or grab from Ausby.
Now depending on the age of your child/children might also depend on how much freedom of “ingredients” you have available for them to use. I suggest perhaps just starting out with small amounts & frequent top ups as the potion making progresses.
So what are these secret ingredients you speak of I hear you ask? Well in your kitchen grab some bicarbonate soda & vinegar, (citric acid & lemon juice work super well too if your not a fan of the vinegar smell or use all four for the best longest lasting fizz). Also grab some little cups to hold your ingredients in too. Little spoons & or scoops might be handy to include but fingers might be preferred.
Other ingredients included in the picture below are: Biodegradable glitter, crystal gems & dried flowers (all available from Ausby). You can also make the potions fizz a bit more exciting by colouring the liquid (vinegar & I tend to do part water too, just to help it stretch a bit further & dilute the smell a bit too) using food dyes & adding in a pinch of powdered charcoal is wonderful for the extra dark & mysterious bubble fizz!
For older children you could get them to write a recipe or write one for them to read & follow or just let them have fun & concentrate on their pouring & mixing skills & trying not to spill a drop! Also coming up with some cool names for the ingredients might be fun to try too. Cue Harry Potter fans & try some potion bottles like those pictured below too.
Whether or not you celebrate Halloween, potion making can be tweaked to fit this theme with a few extra spooky props or if your children are young you may want to omit these for non scary potion play. I’ve included photos of both play set ups for you too see what might suit your potion making the best.
So with Halloween just around the corner, you may or may not be celebrating but magic potion play is certainly something to try any time of the year!
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MEL @melswrapart

mel @melswrapart

Mel is currently a stay at home mum to two boys aged 2.5y and 7.5y. She was previously a fully qualified primary school teacher, having taught for well over ten years at all levels, subjects and sectors. Mel found her niche in the visual arts room, which is evident in her amazing art and craft set-ups on her Instagram account! Over the past two years, Mel has actively sought out information and has taught herself the principles of Montessori learning, and includes this way of learning in much of her home play.

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