A Box of Confidence

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Affirmation and Kindness Cards for Kids creating confidence and resilience that will help children deal with life’s challenges.

How do you raise children to believe in themselves, be resilient, and kind to others all at the same time?

This Box of Affirmation Cards is one-of-a-kind
It will teach your child our unique 3 pillar system:

  • Kindness
  • Teach resilience
  • Create confidence

This box will help you to:

  • Teach your child the confidence you have always wanted them to have
  • Connect with your child on a deeper emotional level
  • Help your child to truly believe in themselves in every situation
  • Create strength and resilience in your child that will help them deal with life's challenges
  • Teach your child how to spread kindness and support

What is included:

  • 40 premium quality handdrawn affirmation cards
  • Simple to understand yet powerful words and illustrations
  • 4 magical characters your child can relate to and learn from
  • Parent conversation starter card to guide you and your child through the daily process

When we teach children to be kind to themselves and everyone they meet, we give them the tools needed to make the first steps towards a great change and a kinder world.


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