Aroma Collection - Playdough Tub

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The amazing Aroma Collection playdough is infused with scents for wellness, offering extra therapeutic value for both adults and children!

The tubs contain 180 grams of handmade non-toxic soft playdough, that can be used as part of your bed-time routine or get it out for the kids anytime and either join in the aromatic, therapuetic play or get stuff done!

Choose from four delicious scents- 

  • lemon is uplifting
  • lavender promotes calm
  • peppermint enhances focus
  • rose comforts the mind

Please note - Playdoughology playdough is not intended for human consumption, it has a high salt content. However, rest assured that all ingredients are food grade and non toxic.

Recommended for ages 3 years & above, parental supervision is recommended.

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