LAST ONE Bitcoin Windows Goethe Set (12pc)

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Our Bitcoins are a fun way to explore colours, sparkly goodness and stacking; doubling as stacking blocks with that little bit extra.

The size is 5x5x2.5cm and fits perfectly with our Bauspiel Colour Street blocks. We have done our 3 colourways both in Bitcoins (with wooden back) and Bitcoin Windows (see thru).

They come presented in a gorgeous wooden tray.

The Bitcoins are made from Beech, the tray is Beech and Plywood (for the bottom)

Size- 12 blocks measuring 5 x 5 x 2.5cm each

Material- Made from Beech, the tray is Beech and Plywood (for the bottom)

Age- 3+ years

A message from the supplier
A note on the gems: in some, tiny specks of imperfections are visible. I have talked to the factory making the gems and it seems that these are unavoidable. There is also a lot of handling that goes on before the actual product arrives in your home, this may also be part of the reason why tiny scratches can be seen on some gems. In working with this product I sincerely do not believe this impacts in any way on the play value and it only happens occasionally. Of course, during quality control the bad ones get filtered out. If you happen to get a broken gem please let us know immediately as this is not OK and will be replaced. If you feel you can not deal with these little specks and marks, please refrain from buying this product.

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