Let’s Roll - Forest Friends (set of 6)

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Find out who is hiding deep within the forest! These ingenious rollers will enhance understanding of our natural world and will inspire children to ask questions and tell stories.

Simply press and roll into play dough or clay and stamp with the creatures to make wonderful woodland scenes. Count the rabbits in the burrow, hide the squirrel in the tree trunk and help the spider weave its web, while developing fine motor control.

Children can experiment using different amounts of pressure and rolling in different ways – away, towards and across their body midline.

The set includes the following forest animals and their habitats:
- bird and tree
- bat and wood
- moth and fern
- squirrel and tree trunk
- snail and leaves
- rabbit and burrow

Product details

Made from our durable stone mix
Each set contains six rollers each measuring 72 x 34mm
Easy to clean
Safe for age 2+.

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